Stingray Creek Bridge Construction

Project Details

  • Address:Ocean Drive, North Haven
  • Client:Private Client
  • Value:$1.0 M
  • Start Date:August 2016
  • Finish Date:May 2017

Key Components: Utilities Relocation, Pipeline Construction,

Eire Constructions joined a consortium of contractors charged with completing the replacement of the Stingray Creek Bridge.

The previous Stingray Creek Bridge spanning from North Haven to Laurieton was an essential piece of infrastructure in need of replacement as it approached the end of its economic feasibility.

The bridge width was too narrow and constrained with regard to inadequate mass limits imposed on the bridge. A major driving factor for the new bridge construction was to ensure pedestrian, cycle and vehicular traffic safety.

Eire Constructions were engaged to perform the utilities relocations to enable the approaches of the bridge to be constructed. The utilities that required relocation included critical sewer, water and communications assets.

Our works commenced in late August and concluded May 2017.