Stoney Creek Sewer Rising Main Replacement

Project Details

  • Address:Stoney Creek, North Toronto
  • Client:
  • Value:
  • Start Date:September 2017
  • Finish Date:November 2017

Key Components: Pump Station Upgrade, Pump Station Construction, Pipeline Construction,

Eire Constructions lead the way in sewer design and construction. Our expert team have been selected to design and construct a new section of pipeline over the Stoney Creek, North of Toronto.

The Toronto 1 Rising Main has multiple pump stations feeding to it and pumps directly to the Blackalls Park Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW).

The pump station is critical for the region’s sewer infrastructure. It has a current duty of 330L/s and requires experienced, trusted contractors to complete the project.

The works will include the design and construction of the new aerial crossing across Stoney Creek and the installation of a new air valve.

The existing rising main internal pipeline corrosion led to a number of failures and environmental incidents. Eire Constructions implement procedures that mitigate damage and preserve the environment for future generations to enjoy.

We have achieved nationally and internationally recognised accreditation for our Quality, Environmental and WHS Management Systems.

With significant experience in the Stoney Creek area our team will ensure the new sewer rising main will be completed to a superior standard within two months.