Pozieres Aged Care Facility

Address: Ocean Drive, Port Macquarie
Client: RSL Lifecare
Value: 3.0 M
Start Date: May 2016
Finish Date: Late 2017
Key Components: Utilities Relocation, Sub-divison Construction, Road Construction, Bulk Earthworks,

Eire Constructions was engaged by RSL Lifecare to complete the bulk earthworks to facilitate the construction of a 170 unit aged care facility.

The works will include the provision of a permanent access to the retirement facility off Ocean Drive, Port Macquarie. Ocean drive is the main arterial road between communities south of Port Macquarie including Lake Cathie, North Haven and Laurieton.

The intersection and permanent access to the future aged care facility will include the installation of turning and acceleration lanes and road widening to ensure road user safety.
The earthworks component of the project includes the installation of environmental controls, removal of topsoil, installation of foundation treatment, drainage structures and the construction of earthworks pads. The construction of the earthworks pads includes the importation of 40,000 cubic metres of controlled fill, placement and compaction.

The constraints of this project include the management of access and egress for haul trucks to the site from Ocean Drive, placement of fill in unfavourable ground conditions and construction in close proximity to an existing community.

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