New Project – Sewer Maintenance Hole Replacements

Address: Marks Point, Bonnels Bay and Swansea
Client: Hunter Water
Start Date: September 2017

Finish Date: October 2017

Key Components:  Sewer Bypass Management, Pipeline Construction, Gravity Sewer Construction,

Eire Constructions are specialists in the construction of water and sewer infrastructure.

As contractor of choice for Hunter Water Corporation work has started on a sewer maintenance project to make the infrastructure fit for the future.
Eire’s expertise in sewer maintenance ensures there will be little disruption to the sewer supply for the region which includes Marks Point, Bonnels Bay and Swansea.

Work includes:

  • Maintenance of the gravity and low pressure sewer system
  • Remediation of existing pipeline and valving
  • Renewal of failing manholes

All works will take place whilst keeping the assets in operation and completed at all sites within one month.

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