Eire Constructions was founded by Kelliher family patriarch Tom Kelliher, in 1975 in Terrigal NSW. From the beginning, Eire blazed a trail in innovative civil infrastructure solutions, specialising in Water and Sewer. In the year 2000, Eire underwent it’s first transformative growth initiative, expanding into Port Macquarie and eventually Newcastle. Tom’s sons Eamon and Tadhg Kelliher joined the group in 2005 and 2007 respectively, and the business went from strength to strength. Over time, Eire developed an enviable reputation for innovation and collaborative customer focused civil infrastructure solutions. Under the stewardship of Tadhg Kelliher, Eire established a board in 2019 and set about taking the business to another level.

A rebranding exercise and strategic plan was completed in 2020 along with the construction of a new head office facility at Port Macquarie.

Eire is now proudly embarking on our next stage of growth. A foundational element of this strategy is the Hive 5. We know at Eire that we are part of an ecosystem, and the sustainability and growth of our customers, staff, suppliers, community and industry will literally define our own success as a business. At Eire, our future involves answering one powerful question. How do we improve on our ability to deliver the risk mitigation benefits of a tier one, whilst retaining the heart and flexibility of a privateer?

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The key question is, how do we develop the muscle of a tier 1, and retain the heart of a privateer?

Tadhg Kelliher – Group Managing Director



Tom Kelliher


Tadhg Kelliher

Group Managing Director
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    Eamon Kelliher

    Project Manager

    Trevor Heise

    Regional Manager

    Darren O'Reilly

    Regional Manager

    Gary Ryan

    Estimating Manager