No customers means no Eire. But we don’t just see our customers as a source of revenue. Eire Constructions has been built on a culture of innovation and collaboration. Some of our best process, safety and quality improvements have come from working with customers on complex, unique or challenging projects. Our goal is for all of our customers to be advocates for our business, and we measure this twice a year during our customer survey.


Needless to say, it is the dedication, experience and culture of our staff that got Eire to where we are today. A business is defined primarily by its ability to extract the discretionary effort of its people. Staff Engagement is a formal KPI for all Eire line managers. We understand that is it engaged, happy staff that deliver the customer advocacy that will take Eire to the next level, without ever forgetting where we came from.


An often overlooked piece of the customer value chain, Eire works hand in hand with suppliers to seek out value add innovation, supply chain efficiency improvements and cost benefits we can pass onto our customers. Eire has utilised an array of supplier led innovations that helped us win and retain major customers and projects.


Eire Constructions is proudly a regional, family owned business. The strength and viability of our community is vital to the sustainability of our business. Eire prides itself on sourcing all its equipment,  materials, staff and supplies from local vendors, as well as actively participating in community based charity initiatives.


In order for Eire to remain strong, our industry must remain strong. Eire Constructions is active in promoting and attending industry based events and knowledge sharing opportunities. This has proven particularly effective in the areas of safety and environmental initiatives. Industry groups provide an excellent opportunity for Eire to maintain a voice, as well as contribute to and learn from other leaders in our field.