Belmont 6 Rising Main Upgrade

Project Details

  • Address:Belmont, NSW
  • Client:Hunter Water Corporation
  • Value:$6M
  • Start Date:January 2015
  • Finish Date:December 2015

Key Components: Trenchless Technology, Traffic Management, Road Construction, Pipeline Construction,

When Hunter Water Corporation needed to replace a sewer main that was failing frequently in Belmont, Eire Constructions was engaged as Head Contractor to manage the utilities installation and road construction project.

As the majority of the 2.7km pipeline was constructed in roadways, in and around densely populated areas. The project involved road reconstruction works including stabilised embankment construction, pavement layer construction, installation of wearing course, line marking and the installation of road furniture.

With the works located on both sides of the Pacific Highway in Belmont, Eire Constructions utilised differing traffic management strategies including contra-flows to minimise disruption and ensure public safety during installation of the main.

Eire Constructions oversaw a significant interface with the public and managed a myriad of environmental issues given the poor ground conditions and the location of the project close to SEPP 14 Swamps.