Maitland 14 WWPS Construction

Project Details

  • Address:Wollombi Road, Rutherford
  • Client:Hunter Water Corporation
  • Value:$4.6M
  • Start Date:January 2016
  • Finish Date:February 2017

Key Components: Sewer Bypass Management, Pump Station Upgrade, Pump Station Construction, Piling, Gravity Sewer Construction, Electrical Installations, Concrete Constructions – Water Retaining Structures, Concrete Constructions – Pavements,

The Maitland Wastewater Pumping Station is a critical regional asset in the Farley Catchment, west of Maitland. Significant residential development in the area led to the Maitland 14 station being overloaded and in need of augmentation to cope with population growth. The station is located in a confined undulating site adjacent to water courses.

The Works included construction of the wet well utilising Secant Piling and System Formwork, management of high voltage and low voltage electrical upgrades, construction of the switch room building, a telemetry upgrade, installation of discharge and incoming pipework, earthworks and landscaping. Over the course of the project, Eire Constructions managed the works of over 30 subcontractors.

In undertaking a complex project such as this, Eire Constructions worked collaboratively with all stakeholders, including the client, subcontractors and the community, delivering a vital piece of infrastructure on time and within budget.

The project was completed in February 2017.