Harrington Road Reconstruction

Project Details

  • Address:Harrington Road, Harrington
  • Client:Midcoast Council
  • Value:2.3 million
  • Start Date:September 2017
  • Finish Date:January 2018

Key Components: Road Construction, Design & Construction,

The Eire Constructions team have started works along a 1.27 kilometre stretch of busy Harrington Road.  

As Midcoast Council’s busy roadworks schedule continues to roll out across the region, Eire Constructions will project manage the full road construction for this section and improve the existing drainage infrastructure.  

The end result will raise the existing road level, reduce the intensity of a sweeping bend, and improve safety conditions for local and visiting motorists.

“This is a major project that will involve reconstructing a failed section of Harrington Road, and a realignment of the existing right hand bend,” said Ron Hartley, Mid Coast Council’s Director, Engineering and Infrastructure Services.

The works will take place from Christies Lane and continue through to approximately 300m west of Longworths Road where a new intersection will ease traffic flow.  The Eire team expect to be completed in January 2018.

Valued at $2.3 million, this Harrington Road reconstruction project has been partly funded through MidCoast Council’s $30 million Roadcare Program, and is part of its commitment to improving infrastructure throughout the region.