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Many of you will have noticed our recent rebranding exercise at Eire Constructions.

The amount of feedback and comment I get about it on my travels has given me pause to reflect on how we got here. I must confess to being a typical construction cynic (2nd generation). Branding and Marketing has at best always seemed like somewhat of a dark art to me and to be honest, a bit of a wank at worst.

So how did we land on the Bee, and what does it mean?

Starting at the start, Eire is a business that has been in my family since before I was born. It is in our blood, and in many ways, it’s a rock around which my family orbits. It has been a constant in my life, and has seen us through good times and bad. Of course the name itself is reflective of our Irish heritage, but it’s more than that. I can feel myself, my family and my work mates in that name.

Needless to say, the concept of a rebrand was not an easy pill to swallow.

At Eire, to say we have been lucky over the years is an understatement. The customers, staff, suppliers, community support, and indeed competitors that have helped us become who we are today is far too long to mention here. With a great deal of effort, we managed to hobble together a scaled, regional, private business with solid, high margin growth, through good times and bad.

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The Hive 5

Our business is part of an ecosystem. The symbiotic nature of our relationships with the elements of the Hive 5 will literally dictate the sustainability of our business. The Hive 5 is not just what we do, it’s what we believe and it’s who we are.

GemLife Subdivision

Client: GemLife Location: Lake Cathie, NSW Project Value: $12m Start Date: April 2021 Finish Date: Projected January 2023 Key Components: 178 lot MHE and 18 lot

Batar Creek Sewer Pump Station

Client: Land Dynamics AustraliaLocation: Kendall, NSWProject Value: $2.5mStart Date: June 2022Finish Date: December 2022Key Components: 3.6m x 7.8m deep sewer pump station and valve pit, gravity

South Kempsey Sewer

Client: Kempsey Shire CouncilLocation: South Kempsey, NSWProject Value: $3.5mStart Date: November 2021Finish Date: July 2022Key Components: 40KL commercial sewer pump station for the Puma Service Centre,

Cessnock Airport Water and Sewer

Client: Fulton HoganLocation: Wine County Drive, Pokolbin, NSWValue: $600kStart Date: February 2022Finish Date: April 2022Key Components:  Water main pipeline extension, gravity sewer pipeline extension, trenchless installation

Eire Logos White 2020

“Branding, as I have discovered through this process, is not about logos and websites. It’s about articulation of the core values, principles and activities that represent who you are and who you want to (bee) as an organisation”.

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Tadhg Kelliher – Group Managing Director