ArtWalk Official Sponsor 2020

Eire Constructions is excited to announce our official sponsorship of Port Macquarie ArtWalk 2020.

Eire Constructions is excited to announce our official sponsorship of Port Macquarie ArtWalk 2020.


“Eire Constructions is looking forward to ArtWalk 2020. It’s a fabulous community event and we’re pleased to support Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to bring the event to life,” said Tadhg Kelliher, Group Managing Director.


ArtWalk was chosen as one of the Major Community Projects supported by the Eire Constructions Community Partnerships this year. Eire Constructions was also the Presenting Sponsor for the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council Tastings On Hastings in 2016.


ArtWalk is an edgy, intense and surprising night of discovery. Where the Port Macquarie CBD, its streets, intersections, cafes and cultural facilities become the stage for contemporary works as artists push the boundaries of their practice.  


ArtWalk encourages the community to come together in a series of engaging arts activities, creating opportunities for people to meet, exchange ideas and foster community spirit. All the while illuminating secret, unassuming and unexpected spaces with free pop up performances, artistic interventions and creative installations. 


Locals and visitors alike are invited to experience the annual ArtWalk night held in the July school holidays and participate in other creative satellite activities. 


The theme for 2020 is “Constellations: exploring the concepts of celestial spheres, objects and phenomena and their influence on those bound to earth”.  


Eire Constructions awarded eight organisations funds as part of our Community Partnerships with a focus on junior sport, children’s education, health promotion and major community events.


The date for ArtWalk 2020 will be announced shortly.


Photo credits: Alicia Fox Photography

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