New Excavators commissioned for Eire’s Sub-division projects

Eire Constructions is an emerging leader in the sub-division construction market. Demand for Eire’s expertise has increased with ongoing projects in Newcastle, Old Bar and Port Macquarie.

This increased demand requires new state of the art machinery. Eire recently purchased four new excavators to equip the team and deliver multi million dollar projects with success.

The new purchases include two additional Caterpillar 326F Hydraulic excavators, one 325F and a 315F Hydraulic excavator.

The 325F and 315F utilises a Tier 4 engine like previous Caterpillar excavators purchased by Eire. It’s a ‘zero-swing’ machine which can be used on confined sites.

Two of the excavators will be commissioned in the Newcastle area whilst the remaining excavators will be established at the Riverside Project at Old Bar.

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