Project Details

  • Address:Ocean Drive, Bonny Hills NSW
  • Client:Hy-tec Concrete and Aggregates
  • Value:$700K
  • Start Date:December 2015
  • Finish Date:May 2016

Key Components: Utilities Relocation, Traffic Management, Road Construction,

Eire Constructions was engaged by Hy-tec Concrete and Aggregates to construct a new intersection into the Grants Head Quarry in order to improve traffic flow and safety around the quarry entrance.

As Head Contractor, Eire constructed a right hand turning lane for trucks to enter the quarry safely, where previously they had been stopping or slowing in the live traffic lane before turning right.

The scope of the works included excavation to road foundation, installation of foundation treatments due to poor ground conditions, installation of sub-surface drainage, relocation of utilities, embankment and road pavement construction, installation of final seal and ancillary items.

As a result of these works the risk of accident has been reduced, trucks are able to navigate into the quarry easily, and there is improved safety for road users.